Monday, April 25, 2011

Itinerary for Zurers in Italy - Spring 2011

We are off again....for another month of research in Italy. Here is
our itinerary for this trip.

Itinerary for Zurers in Italy - Spring 2011

April 26: Fly to Rome by way of Philadelphia.
April 27-May 1: Prato (Tuscany) (near Florence) (A)
May 1-6: Genova (Liguria) (B)
May 6-10: Sulzano (Lago d'Iseo) (Lombardy) (C)
May 10-11: Sesto Calende (Lombardy) (near Malpensa Airport) (D)
May 11-18: Paris France
May 19-20: Sesto Calende (Lombardy) (near Malpensa Airport) (D)
May 19-22: Lerici (Liguria) (E)
May 22-26: Rome (Lazio) (F)
May 26: Return to US

You will note that we are spending a week in Paris in the middle of
our trip....a revolutionary idea.  :)

Here is a link to a Google route map showing the towns where we are staying.

Jim and Diana

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